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Datingindustryinsider.Com — Everything about the dating industry. How to find your love, What is love, how to find it, how to keep it. Love is what remains when all else is lost. Now it’s not just a magazine anymore, but a magazine about how to find your love on the Internet. Loneliness on the Net: How the online dating industry works and what secrets it hides.

People are getting to know each other more and more often online, and eventually about 20% of them even decide to get married. Nevertheless, 80% of users do not find a partner, and the problem is not always the human factor. Rating applications use psychological tricks and directly force users to restore their profiles over and over again without ever finding “the other half”. In some ways, it even resembles an addiction. Together with our readers we try to figure out what pitfalls it is important to be aware of when getting acquainted online.