How shy men can be more confident dating – according to experts

Give your self-esteem a boost with these tips (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The world of dating can be daunting.

So how can we ensure we are being our most confident selves, to come across in the best way possible?

This is the topic for’s Smut Drop podcast this week, where dating coach Celeste Moore offers tips on how to be more confident dating – particurlarly for men.

Celeste, along with other experts, have put together a few tricks on how shy men can get their confidence up when dating.

Play to your strengths 

Celeste champions colour analysis – which is pairing up shades that suit your skin tone – to fuel confidence.

She says: ‘Eveybody has different undertones in their skin, eye colour and hair colour – and all that depends on your right colours for you.

‘When we are wearing the proper colour for ourselves we are adding natural colour to our skin, our eyes are brighter and we are more noticed – in a good way.’

It’s already popular on TikTok – but Celeste is urging men, as well as women, to give it a go.

Think about communication skills

couple on a date at a restaurant Listen to your date (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Celeste says men can practice being chivalrous, through their language and their actions.

She explains: ‘I’m a single mother and I own a business, but I still want that man to show that he cares and he respects me, and that should never go away.’

Take attention to the little things

‘Pay attention – listen 80% and talk 20%,’ explains Celeste.

She says even do mock dates to practice.

This is something backed-up by Hayley Quinn, dating expert for Match who says it’s important to be the interviewer not the interviewee.

She explains: ‘A simple mindset swap you can make to feel more confident on your dates, is to worry less about what they’re going to think of you, and instead focus on what values you’d like to see in them. 

‘Let go of the idea of what you “should” be doing, and learn how to develop a relationship at your own pace.’

Back yourself and don’t give up

Hayley also says that, if you always hesitate from letting someone know you like them, be bold and make a move. 

She adds: ‘This doesn’t have to be melodramatic, and could just be suggesting coffee sometime. 

‘Even if they say no, you may actually feel proud of yourself for having the courage to make a move.’

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Try not to worry about potential awkwardness 

With the right match (even if it’s with someone who will be a short-term rather than a long-term partner), you should feel comfort and chemistry, explains Maria Sullivan, a dating expert at

She says: ‘If the conversation doesn’t flow naturally, if there are awkward moments, or if you feel that you just don’t click, it’s a sign they might not be right for you – and that’s OK.

‘Instead of obsessing over and regretting any cringe-worthy first date moments, have a sense of humor and focus on moving forward.’

Don’t be afraid to compliment or flirt

‘You might think that complimenting your date’s appearance, outfit or manners is coming on too strong, but subtle compliments or flirting can help to put your date at ease and encourage them to open up to you,’ explains Maria.

 It can also help signal that you’re into them.

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