Sugar baby with over £73,000 worth of valuables shares her secrets

‘A lot of people assume sex is involved, but this isn’t a factor whatsoever’ (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

A young woman whose sugar daddies have helped her amass an impressive collection of goods is sharing her tricks of the trade.

Dash Preistly, 25, has got designer bags, diamonds and even a Porsche by being a sugar baby.

On top of that, Dash, who lives in Atlanta, US, has also been able to start five businesses through money she saved from sugar daddy meetups.

She refers to herself as a ‘show off piece’, having gone with men on holidays and to social events with no strings attached.

She said: ‘As a sugar baby, you are arm candy.

‘It is mostly older men who want company to attend dinners, holidays or even just to chat.

‘A lot of people assume sex is involved, but this isn’t a factor whatsoever.

‘My role as a sugar baby is to attend high-end events and be treated as a show-off piece.

‘I have never done anything sexual for money. I used to just go for dinner and get £370 [$500 USD] for just showing up to the five-star restaurant.’

Dash Priestly, 25, wearing a costume with wings and sitting on a carDash now works as a sugar baby coach (Picture: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

Now, Dash has been able to up her game even further to become a sugar baby coach, in an attempt to help others achieve what she has.

‘I have been smart and living well for seven years now,’ she said.

‘I have had my bills paid and been showered in gifts such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent handbags, along with diamond necklaces and other designer clothes.

‘I even have a wig collection which is worth £7,360 [$10,000].

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‘At 18, designer shops used to call me to check out the stock before it was put on the shelves. Now, I love to share my tips with other women to ensure they can be treated like I was.

‘I take great pride in teaching women how to be valuable.

‘I want others to understand the depth of how to be a successful sugar baby without giving away their body.

‘Most the time, the men just want companionship – they just want someone to speak to. I used to take the time to get to know their emotional side without being too nosey.

‘It’s important to find out what is missing in his life that I can be a component too. It is an emotional game, more than anything.’

Dash Preistly, 25, with a porsche she purchased  and a versace shopping bag‘There are no last-minute meetups in the sugar baby world,’ she says (Picture: Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

Dash’s minimum allowance was £2,950 [$4,000] per month, which doesn’t include the shopping sprees and fancy meals.

 ‘Everything is direct and set arrangements,’ she explained. ‘There are no last-minute meetups in the sugar baby world.

‘The first meet is more like a business meeting to discuss what we are both looking for and money. I had to calculate my monthly expenses and make sure they are covered otherwise it wasn’t worth my time.

‘My minimum monthly allowance was $4000 which meant I didn’t have to work throughout college. I opened my own beauty salon at 22 but closed it last summer as I moved from Florida and Atlanta.

‘Sugar babies are portrayed like they sit around and are at their sugar daddies beck and call. But I don’t work like that – I am always busy to ensure my money is accumulated.

‘I saved money and opened a dating business, sugar baby coaching, property investment, matchmaking company for professionals, a cosmetics company, and Dash of Sugar which involved collaborations on Instagram.

‘It is amazing that I have turned it into a career that means a lot to me. I don’t care about attention – I am using my experiences to benefit other people’s lives.’

 Some of her handbag collection which includes Yves Saint Laurant bags, Prada, Gucci and ChanelSome of her handbag collection includes Yves Saint Laurent bags, Prada, Gucci and Chanel (Picture Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

Even though there’s a negative stigma attached to the sugar baby life, Dash is proud to share her story.

She said: “When I was younger, I was ashamed, but now I am open and honest about it. The sugar baby world is discreet and a lot of women chose to keep it a secret.

‘But that is dangerous because someone should know where you are at all times.

‘I have the “Life 360” app on my phone to ensure my friends knew my every move.

‘It’s little things like this that I teach women about to make sure they are safe.’

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