From liking cats to being a Libra – these are (apparently) the most common traits among cheaters

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Getting cheated on sucks, to put it lightly.

So anything that can help us to avoid the pain is very much appreciated.

What if we could spot a cheater before we even started dating them?

If you trust in the wisdom of IllicitEncounters, a dating site specifically for affairs, you might be able to do just that.

They surveyed 2,000 of their users to find some of the most common traits shared by cheaters.

It turns out that having cheating parents is a biggie – although who knows whether that indicates some sort of cheating gene or just learning from a bad example.

Then there are some differences between the genders. Among female cheaters, the second most common characteristic was having had cosmetic enhancements (like a boob job), followed by dyeing their hair, liking Love Island, and preferring cats to dogs.

For men, top traits of cheaters include height (the taller, the more likely to cheat, says the study), liking rugby, and being a fan of rock music.

Now, let us be clear. This is far from a scientific study and far more people would need to be quizzed to properly declare traits connected to cheating. So please don’t immediately dump your loving girlfriend because she’s a cat person and thus destined to stray from the relationship.

Look at this list as a bit of fun… and perhaps steer clear of Libras who drink pinot grigio.

Top traits among cheaters:

Cheating women are more likely to…

  1. Have one or two cheating parents
  2. Have a boob job, use Botox, or have other cosmetic enhancements
  3. Dye their hair
  4. Enjoy Love Island
  5. Love cats
  6. Like the music of Adele
  7. Drink pinot grigio
  8. Drive a Mini
  9. Be a Libra
  10. Be the current age of the last year of their decade, eg 29, 39, 49

Cheating men are more likely to…

  1. Have one or two cheating parents
  2. Be tall
  3. Like rugby
  4. Like rock music (particularly AC/DC)
  5. Wear aftershave
  6. Drive a BMW
  7. Drink lager
  8. Dye their hair
  9. Be a Libra
  10. Be the current age of the last year of their decade, eg 29, 39, 49

IllicitEncounters sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: ‘If you want to know if your partner is going to cheat, just look at their parents.

‘There is strong evidence that there is a cheating gene which is passed on through the generations of both sexes.

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‘The reason why the offspring of adulterers are far more likely to repeat this behaviour is that they don’t fear the disapproval of their parents in the same way as people whose parents have stayed loyal.

‘You know you are not going to get disowned by mum and dad if they were both cheated, too – they are far more likely to forgive an affair.

‘The other main trait that cheats share is vanity – they are far more likely to dye their hair, use Botox and have cosmetic enhancements such as boob jobs.’

FYI, the Libra slander is backed up by our resident astrologist, who lists that star sign among the ones most likely to cheat… but it’s Gemini that tops the list.

Leos, Aries, Sagittarians, and Scorpios are also more likely to tend towards affairs. So be warned.*

*And instead go for an Aquarius.

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