Man writes hilarious mock résumé to apply for Hinge date

A second round interview may be on the cards (Picture: @blondebrokeandbougie/TikTok)

A good sign in the dating world is when you share a similar sense of humour with another.

It means conversation will flow and any dates should be truly enjoyable.

Now one prospective New York couple showed how entertaining it can be when both parties go all-in with their humour.

The hilarious pair met on dating app Hinge, with the man creating an entire fake résumé to apply for the position of the woman’s date. 

It listed all his qualifications, including that he ‘will dance like nobody’s watching’ and is a ‘superb conversationalist.’

TikTok user and finance influencer @blondebrokeandbougie replied to her match, Damien, with a very work-like response by inviting him out for a first round interview.

A very witty back-and-forth continued until the date happened. Damien even played the role of his own assistant by confirming all the details.

Becca shared details of the the banter she shared with Damien in a video that received nearly a quarter of a million views in under 24 hours.

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‘So I went on a Hinge date last night and the lead up to this date was amazing and it needs to be shared,’ she said in the clip.

On her Hinge profile, Becca mentioned that she has a boat and Damien opened their conversation by asking, ‘What do I need to do to get invited on this boat?’

To which Becca replied: ‘Present your qualifications.’

While Damien wrote: ‘You have an email? Can pass my résumé along later tonight.’

Becca told TikTok that she was hesitant to give away her email address but eventually gave in.

‘On the off chance that he actually sends a résumé, this would be hilarious. So I did give him my email,’ she explained.

She responded with the address and told him: ‘Make sure it is specific to the job you are applying for.’

She continued: ‘The next day, much to my surprise, I get an email from him, totally committed to the bit, with a résumé attached.’

A picture of BeccaBecca shared details of the banter on her social media (Picture: @blondebrokeandbougie/Instagram)

Damien continued to address her in a formal tone.

‘Becca, Enclosed please find my résumé,’ he wrote. ‘After careful review I believe you will find my qualifications exceed expectations and I would be the perfect fit for the position of Date/Guy To Invite On Your Boat.’

Becca showed viewers a screenshot of the man’s résumé, which he created just for her.

Under his name, he put the tile of ‘Charming Single Man.’

‘Highly motivated individual seeking the ultimate companion/dance partner/dinner date/weekend getaway partner,’ read his description.

For his work history, Damien listed two current positions: ‘Human Being’ and ‘Boat Enthusiast.’

Under ‘Human Being,’  bullet points included ‘will dance like nobody’s watching,’ ‘superb conversationalist (friends and families love me),’ and ‘great sense of humour (half British, everyone likes British humour).’

He also listed that he was Limbo Champ 2019 and is a ‘tad bit extra (enough to write a résumé for a date but not enough to p*** you off).’

Under ‘Boating Enthusiast,’ he wrote that he ‘successfully operated both motor boats and PWCs under a NYS Boating License,’ ‘always brings drinks and sunscreen,’ and ‘can do a backflip or 10/10 dive off the bow.’

Damien also listed skills, including emotional intelligence, normal intelligence, cooking, and date planning.

A screenshot of Becca and the resume His work history included being a ‘human being’ (Picture: @blondebrokeandbougie/TikTok)

‘So at this point I’m like, oh, OK, we are committing to the bit. So I sent a lengthy email back,’ Becca noted.

Her email read: ‘Thanks for your interest in the position. It is a highly competitive market, however I am pleased to tell you we would like to invite you to a first round interview.

‘This interview will consist of selecting a time and place, and then we will be assessing your selection of choice, conversations skills, and overall appearance. Should you pass that interview round, we would discuss next steps.

‘Please provide your availability.’

Damien continued the joke too.

‘That’s great news!’ he wrote back. ‘Looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate my fit for this role in the market.

a screenshot of their messages The entire exchange was formal (Picture: @blondebrokeandbougie/TikTok)

‘I appreciate your team is very busy, how would next Tuesday at 8pm work? According to my info, your office is located in [redacted],’ he went on, suggesting a venue and asking for her number.’

Subsequently, Becca sent him a calendar invite titled ‘Interview’ and wrote back: ‘Your interview has been confirmed by our scheduling team. You should have received a calendar invitation as well.’

In her TikTok video, she added that she was ‘too committed to the bit’ and wasn’t ready for it to end over text, so she encouraged him to keep pretending.

‘Please see our office number: [redacted],’ she wrote. ‘You may note that any communication prior to the interview will be evaluated by our team and will play a role in determining if you advance to the next round.’

Thankfully, Damien received the message and the day before the date pretended to be his own assistant and sent her a message.

‘Becca! This is [name’s] assistant, confirming you’re still on for our first round interview tomorrow,’ he wrote.

Becca confirmed and asked him to have copies of his résumé ready for distribution. She also informed him of business formal dress code.

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The pair eventually did meet up and Becca said she was ‘a little disappointed when he did not show up in a full suit.’

However, she said it was forgiven.

And it seems love may be brewing following the exchange.

Speaking to MailOnline, Becca said they ‘had a lot of fun’ on their date.

She explained: ‘He did ask if he was allowed to communicate with me normally after instead of in interview form, but I’ll still be scheduling a second round interview soon.’

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