Why Leo season is the best time to get dating (yes, even if you’re not a Leo)

A great time to date (Picture: Metro.co.uk/Unsplash)

Leo season is here, and with it comes confidence, fire, boldness.

It’s also, according to Bumble’s astrology expert Amelia Quinthas, the best time of the year to date – even if you aren’t a Leo.

Why? It’s all down to the alignment of the stars and planets from July 22 to August 11.

Amelia notes that Mercury, associated with communication and technology, enters Leo on August 4.

This shift in the cosmos, she says, will make everyone a touch more social over the next few weeks – meaning it’s a great time to make a first move or finally get out of the talking stage and book in a proper date.

Leo season is also a rare time period when the cosmic weather is clear. All three of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars – will be direct (no retrograde!), meaning lines of communication will be clear.

If your birthday happens to fall in Leo season, you’re in even more luck: Leos get the most matches of any star sign on Bumble (followed by Cancers, then Tauruses).

lion on a starry backgroundIt’s all about fun and confidence (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Typically, a great match for a Leo is an Aquarius, but Amelia says: ‘Pairings are not set in stone; it is a complex web of interlocking features that doesn’t have limits so don’t let this put you off.’

‘I always encourage people to look at other people’s zodiac signs, but to keep an open mind and judge based on their own experiences,’ she adds. ‘Daters can look for someone who actually has the sign, or it can be someone who embodies those traits.’

For anyone keen to date a Leo, it’s all about having fun and keeping things light.

‘For Leos, dating is a form of play,’ says Amelia. ‘More than anything else, they want to have fun, so don’t open with anything too intense. A charming gif to take their mind off a tough day is a safe bet for light-hearted lions! They’ll love knowing that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

‘Once you decide to head out, invite them to an amusement park, a karaoke night, or a concert where you can both blow off some steam. Bonus points if it’s a dress-up occasion. Leos love getting into costume!

‘Even better, bring them a small gift when you meet up. They’re romantics at heart and will surely appreciate the gesture.’

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