How to make a holiday romance last

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With the Love Island final only days away, we are thinking about summer flings.

As one is happening, it feels like the most intense thing in the world.

Everything in the universe is right and it feels like every love song in the world was written for you and the object of your affection.

Right now, we are seeing these types of relationships play out in real time on our television screens.

Our favourite reality TV couples are living in a dream world… but will their relationships last on the outside?

And will yours stay true forever… or will it end at the arrivals gate?

Because day to day life is different from a holiday and while a fling may feel real under the sun, at home in the rain, feelings can change.

Thankfully, to help summer lovers with long-term goals, Bumble’s sex and relationship’s expert Dr Caroline West has shared her tips on how to make a holiday romance last and what to do if it sadly fizzles out.

Establish your situation

‘Ideally you need to be aware of your summer fling’s romantic position upfront, so you’re not potentially met with disappointment at the end of the trip,’ Caroline advises.

‘Ask are they already exploring a ‘situationship’ back home, or are they even looking for something more long term?’

Know where you stand

Caroline says communication is key. ‘Before you say your bittersweet goodbyes at the end of the holiday, have an open conversation about whether they’d be keen to keep in touch and continue this journey with you,’ she notes.

‘Being clear on whether this was an exciting whirlwind romance, or something a bit more serious, will leave you with better peace of mind.’

Prepare for long distance

‘It’s more than likely that your summer fling doesn’t live just down the road from your place back home, meaning you’ll need to get in the headspace for a long distance romance,’ Caroline explains.

‘Schedule in a weekly video call so you get some face-to-face time as this is when communication is best, and try to commit to taking it in turns to travel and visit each other regularly.’

What do if it fizzles out

Enjoy it for what it was

Caroline advises that if a relationship ends, take the experience at face value.

‘Take a step back and just appreciate what a fun time you had with that person,’ she explains. ‘It’s sad when good things come to an end, but the reason holiday flings are so exciting is because of the temporary escapism that they bring.

‘Remember that even short term relationships can be a fulfilling and positive experience.’

Embrace being back to reality

‘You’re back to your usual day to day routine, and this is when the holiday romance blues can creep in,’ says Caroline. ‘Find the joy of being back in your usual surroundings rather than wishing you were still on holiday, like trying that new restaurant opening or taking a new, more scenic route to work.’

Plan your next trip

‘Get excited about your next adventure abroad to take your mind off things,’ she suggests. ‘You may just want to focus on yourself on your next holiday, but if you are open to meeting new people once again, you can turn on “travel mode” on Bumble to meet locals even before arriving at your destination.

Stay safe

Caroline urges: ‘Lastly, but most importantly, stay safe if you are planning to meet people abroad.

‘It helps to proactively pick a location and let someone know where you are, even if it’s just a quick drink.’

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