Wife who cooks husband three meals a day hits back at trolls who say she’s ‘destroying feminism’

Sonali, who works in cybersecurity, posts videos of making husband Nipun’s meals (Picture: Instagram/skap_xx)

Sonali Arora, 26, began sharing videos of the meals she makes her husband, Nipun, on TikTok a few months back.

Showing off expertly-packed lunchboxes and treat meals, she expected feedback on her presentation and cooking.

What she received, however, was backlash against her relationship, with some suggesting she’s a ‘1950s housewife’ and others saying she’s ‘destroying feminism and women’s liberation.’

The Melbourne-based couple have been forced to respond to a number of assumptions about their lifestyle, including comments like: ‘I don’t think I have ever packed a lunch for my husband, not his mother’. 

‘This is satire right?’ asked another viewer on TikTok, while another said: ‘Being proud of this is my worst nightmare. As they say – Being master’s favourite dog is still having a master and being a dog.’

Speaking to Femail, Sonali said: ‘If it’s not people coming for the portion sizes, it’s them attacking my husband without even knowing him, calling him a two-year-old, people saying that he’s misogynistic or I am in the 1950s.

‘You get a bit defensive about the person you love and especially when they’re being picked on in the wrong light.’

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Sonali, who works in cybersecurity, says that she and Nipun split chores ’50/50′, and that she chooses to make him meals as she’s able to work from home.

As an independent, career-driven woman, she argues that the stereotyping she’s received is both incorrect and unfair.

Wife who cooks husband three meals a day hits back at trolls who say she's 'destroying feminism'Sonali says that Nipum is the ‘least misogynistic person to ever be on this planet’ (Picture: Instagram/skap_xx)

‘My husband is the sweetest and most supportive and least misogynistic person to ever be on this planet,’ she said. 

‘We have a really good thing going, we divide all the house chores. After I cook he’s cleaning dishes, I don’t touch that. He also is responsible for cleaning all the bathrooms and vacuuming the floors.’ 

Wife who cooks husband three meals a day hits back at trolls who say she's 'destroying feminism'She won’t let the hate stop her from posting her passion (Picture: Instagram/skap_xx)

According to Sonali, cooking for Nipun is her ‘love language’, and something that ‘brings [her] joy.’

And although she receives hate for cooking for her husband, she’s not planning on letting that stop her sharing her passion.

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‘Hell yeah, I’m going to keep posting them! It actually helps a lot of people in getting diverse ideas for what they can make throughout the day because it is such a difficult thing to think about,’ she said.

‘It’s nice that I’ve tapped in this community of people who are food lovers.’ 

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