Woman, 25, who fell in love with boss, 55, at job interview defends ‘fairytale’ relationship

The couple are not together three years (Picture: MDWfeatures/@diaz_beauty.95)

A 25-year-old student who fell for her 55-year-old boss has defended the age-gap romance against those who insist she is with him for money. 

Suzanna Diaz, from Lake Jackson, USA, was a student looking for a part-time job to earn some extra cash back in 2018, when she came across a position opening at a local restaurant.

The mum-of-one arrived into the business eager to start working and was asked to sit in a booth to fill out a job application.

After completing the application, Suzanna received a tap on the shoulder and as she turned around, she caught eyes with an older man.

She was instantly attracted to him.

The man introduced himself as Tony Kahanek, 55 – the general manager of the restaurant – who was hoping to interview Suzanna for the position.

Suzanna and Tony pictured together The couple are madly in love (Picture: MDWfeatures/@diaz_beauty.95)

As the two spoke, they realised that their connection was much more than just an employee and boss relationship. It felt so real that Tony asked Suzanna for her phone number before she left to go home.

As they got to know each other, they found that they had a lot of similar interests and began sharing personal stories. Just before he dropped her home from their first date, they kissed. Suzanna says it felt like a ‘whirlwind’ moment.

Although they kept their relationship secret to avoid negativity, after a few months of working together every day, Tony asked Suzanna to move in.

The couple were thrilled to be embarking on a new journey together. However, Suzanna was nervous as this moment meant she would have to tell her parents about her new love.

Her parents asked if she was serious at first but after seeing how happy she was, they accepted Tony into the family.

Tony’s mum accepted Suzanna immediately, too, and is hopeful they will get married and start a family.

Suzanna and Tony together They are ignoring the negativity (Picture: MDWfeatures / @diaz_beauty.95)

Sadly, some of Tony and Suzanna’s friends haven’t been as supportive.

Strangers stare, which means the couple refrain from public displays of affection. Others have made comments such suggesting that Suzanna must be a ‘sugar baby.’

Nevertheless, the couple is strong and they have learned to ignore naysayers, and both say that the age difference has been beneficial; Tony for his confidence and Suzanna for the reassurance of being with a mature man.

Now, three-years since they first met, the two are the happiest they have ever been and have started to discuss their future together.

Tony and Suzanna pictured together They are now making plans for their future (Picture: MDWfeatures/@diaz_beauty.95)

Talking about the moment that started it all, Suzanna said: ‘I turned around to see a tall, charming man, whose eyes sparkled before me – I was fixated on how handsome he was.

‘I regained focus and he introduced himself as Tony and we began talking.

‘My heart was still pounding with excitement as I couldn’t believe how infatuated I was with someone who I barely knew, until the next day when I received a text from him.’

She continued: ‘We spoke on the phone until late in the night when Tony suggested meeting up a few days later after work for a bite to eat.

‘As soon as I saw him, my heart started beating fast again and that’s when I knew that I had fallen in love.

‘I found his charisma attractive as well as his leadership in the workplace – I love a man that can take control.’

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Suzanna says the future is bright and exciting for them both, but all they want is for people to accept their romance instead of criticising it.

‘I feel like I am experiencing a fairytale romance and have met my soulmate, something which I thought I would never have, especially at so young,’ she says.

‘I wish people would understand that a relationship can come from anywhere and can be with someone who you would least expect.

‘Our relationship feels so natural for us and I believe this is because we choose to listen to our hearts rather than the opinions of others.

‘Only you know the direction you want to take your life – if the relationship fits within this, then that’s all that matters. There is so much happiness that a lifelong partner can bring, don’t miss out because of a minor taboo.’

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