Couple with 37-year age gap reveal they are spending £120,000 on a surrogate

Cheryl and Quran are set on starting a family together (Picture: Jam Press)

A married couple with a 37-year age gap have revealed they are willing to spend up to £120,000 on a surrogate to have a baby together.

And this is despite the fact one of them already has seven children.

Cheryl, 61, and Quran McCain, 24, have taken TikTok by storm by sharing details about their relationship with more than 2.3 million followers on just one account (@Kingqurannewpage).

Although there is a 37-year age gap, the couple got married in September 2021 and are now ready to take the next step together by having a baby.

The pair are willing to go to great lengths to to make their dream possible – and are planning on spending a significant sum on the woman who will carry their child.

It will be Quran’s first baby but this ‘isn’t Cheryl’s first rodeo.’ She is already a mother-of-seven and grandmother-of-17.

‘Surrogates cost anywhere between £6,000-£120,000; we are lucky we have found the surrogate we have chosen,’ Quran exclusively told

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‘The baby will arrive late spring 2023.

‘This is not Cheryl’s first rodeo, she is a mother to seven and grandmother to 17. I have no kids yet, besides the one on the way.’

The couple, who are currently living in Rome, Italy, are very excited to welcome the addition to their family.

Quran, who is a social media influencer and OnlyFans star, said: ‘I am extremely excited, this is something I always wanted, to have a family with the love of my life.’

Cherly and Quran together The couple got married last September (Picture: Jam Press/@Kingqurannewpage)

Cheryl, who works as a cashier and OnlyFans model, added: ‘Another baby would be amazing for me and my family on this new journey.

‘I have already planned on shopping for the baby and I’m hoping that we can throw a baby shower.’

The pair also shared a new video on their TikTok announcing their plans, which has garnered more than 285,000 views so far.

The couple pictured on their wedding day The couple on their wedding day (Picture: Jam Press/@Kingqurannewpage)

In the clip, Quran rubs his wife’s belly as the words ‘when them flashbacks hit’ shown across the screen.

Reactions have been strong to the TikTok and to the baby news. Some are delighted for the pairing while others are not so sure.

‘Flashbacks to life support,’ wrote one user.

‘This has to be illegal,’ commented another.

The couple pictured together The couple’s baby is to be born next spring (Picture: Jam Press Vid/@Kingqurannewpage)

While a third cruelly added: ‘WWI flashbacks?’

However, for every mean comment there are words of joy, too.

‘This is the real definition of age don’t matter,’ said one delighted follower.

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