These are the worst things to wear on a first date, according to new research

Women care more about first date outfits than men, says new research (Picture: Getty Images)

First dates are all about making a good impression.

And, as superficial as it sounds, it seems our fashion choices are incredibly important.

New research has found that 38% of people would decline a second date from someone who wore a bad outfit on the first one.

The style experts at Thread, who are behind the recent study, asked participants to name some of the worst things to wear on a first date – and some of the answers may surprise you.

In fact, people named a matching tracksuit as the worst thing to wear for the occasion – despite loungewear as daywear growing in popularity.

Crocs placed second on the list, with 31% saying this was a piece to steer clear of on a first date. Something that also seems surprising as earlier this year Gen Z were talking about Crocs being a fashion statement.

Clear plastic shoes came in third position with 27% saying this would be a turn off, while MC Hammer trousers placed fourth.

Hot pants, biker shorts and dungarees were among the other garments to make it into the top 10, along with Ugg boots – despite the footwear being one of the many Y2K trends currently having a revival.

The top 10 clothing items to steer clear of, according to Brits:

  1. Matching tracksuit (31%)
  2. Crocs (31%)
  3. Clear plastic/Perspex shoes (27%)
  4. MC Hammer trousers (27%)
  5. Hot pants (23%)
  6. Biker shorts (23%)
  7. Dungarees (23%)
  8. High-heeled trainers (22%)
  9. Ripped jeans (20%)
  10. Ugg boots (20%)

The research also showed that women are generally more bothered than men about the clothing choices of their date – with 24% of men saying ‘nothing in particular’ when asked what would trouble them about a first date outfit, compared to only 18% of women. 

Women are also more likely to ditch their date due to a bad outfit, with 41% saying they would decline a follow-up date, compared to only 34% of men.

If you’re unsure how to dress for a first date, Thread stylist Millie Rich has shared some of her top tips for getting it right:

Make sure your outfit says something about who you are

‘Whether you realise it, or not, the various decisions you make when you’re getting dressed can give little clues into your personality,’ says Millie.

Also, be sure you’re dressing how you normally would – not trying to come across as someone different to impress someone.

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Dress for the occasion

It’s also important to take the type of first date into the equation. 

‘Use the plan as your main informant for what you wear. If it’s chilled drinks, you have more wiggle room with your choices, but if it’s an activity date, opt for comfort and flexibility,’ says Millie.

‘Regardless of how it kicks off, we never know exactly where a night can take us, so try and choose an outfit that’s ready for all occasions.

‘Don’t just “dress to impress” and go straight to your highest heel, or stiffest jeans, as these won’t allow you to chill out. Instead, think about combining comfort and style.

‘Something like a fuss-free dress and clean, white trainers is perfect for dating in the spring.’

Make sure you’re wearing something that you feel comfortable in

The most important thing is that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing – and if your date doesn’t like it, it’s their loss.

‘Probably the most important thing you can be on a first date is confident, but this can be hard to even fake,’ says Millie.

‘However, if you’ve made an outfit plan but it’s just not working on the day, don’t feel you have to force it. Play with the contents of your wardrobe, pairing.’

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