Top 10 sexual highs for men and women revealed

What’s your best sexual peak? (Picture: Getty)

From orgasming together to having sex with a new partner, it seems men and women have different ideas about what makes for the best sex, according to new research.

Though there is some overlap, the data reveals a slight disconnect between the sexes in terms of what excites them the most.

In a recent survey 66% of women claimed their top sexual high was climaxing at the same time as their lover.

For men, it’s first-time sex with a new partner, with 56% ranking it top – this doesn’t even feature on the list for women.

Reaching orgasm together ranked fourth for men, with 33% saying they this most.

It’s worth noting that the respondents to this – users of a site geared towards infidelity – aren’t exactly an accurate cross-section of society. If you’re cheating on your partner, it’s possible you have a specific attraction towards taboo or risky encounters, for example.

That said, there are insights to be gained from the research.

Relationship expert Jessica Leoni said: ‘These new findings show just how far apart men and women are in the pursuit of sexual happiness.

‘Men’s number turn on is sex with a new partner but it doesn’t even feature in the female top ten.

‘Sex with someone new is what powers the whole dating industry, but it seems that while men are turned on by variety and new sexual encounters, what is more important to women is quality sex with their existing partner.’

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t some common ground, though. Oral sex, birthday sex, dirty weekends, and sex with an ex or stranger featured in the top 10 for both men and women alike.

Fancy seeing if your fantasy made the list? Check out the full rankings of sexual highs for each gender, compiled by Illicit Encounters.

Women’s top 10 sexual highs

  1. Shared orgasm with my partner
  2. Holiday sex 
  3. Multiple orgasm
  4. Good oral sex 
  5. Dirty weekend
  6. Sex with an ex
  7. Sex on freshly laundered sheets
  8. Birthday sex
  9. Sex with a stranger 
  10. Valentine’s Day sex 

Men’s top 10 sexual highs

  1. First time sex with a new partner
  2. Sex with an ex
  3. Sex with a stranger
  4. Shared orgasm with a lover 
  5. Filming a sex tape with a lover 
  6. Dirty weekend
  7. Birthday sex 
  8. Oral sex
  9. Sex outdoors
  10. Holiday sex

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