What exactly is an ‘unspoken rizz’?

Sometimes you don’t need words to get what you want (Picture: Getty)

You are in a bar on a steamy summer’s night.

Drink in hand, wearing the your best glad rags, you feel invincible.

Suddenly, you see a pretty face across the room.

You think this person could be ‘the one.’ And so, you sway through the crowds on the floor and face them head on.

In your sexiest, most sultry voice you say: ‘Of all the bars, in all the towns that I haven’t been thrown out of, you’ve walked in here.’

Chances are, it may not go down too well. So instead, have you ever thought of attracting a partner using no words at all?

This silent technique even has a name and it’s trending on TikTok.

The method is called an ‘unspoken rizz.’

On the social media channel, more and more videos have been appearing of an individual or a group of friends demonstrating their best ‘unspoken rizz.’

The clips usually show people giving a subtle nod, glance, wink, or a hand gesture to the camera before strolling away.


#fyp I cut the back smh

♬ original sound – i 🫶🏾 🫵🏾

To fully understand the new term, we must look at its definition.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘rizz’ refers to someone’s ability to attract a love interest. It is NYC Slang created by a twitch streamer and popular YouTuber Kai Cenat.

Cenat has now created a type of playbook when it comes to attracting love and says there are different types of ‘rizz.’

An L grade rizz stands for a loss, and a W grade rizz stands for a win.

However, ‘unspoken rizz’ is the kind where you have someone swooning for you without ever saying a word.

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Now people are showing their ‘unspoken rizz’ techniques.

People are using hand motions or giving a glance to the camera in the hopes they will captivate their crush.

So now you know what an ‘unspoken rizz’ is, it’s time to make your way to the nearest bar and test it out.

We wish you good luck.

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