Woman reveals the three questions you need to ask to work out if your partner is the one

Not sure if you’re dating the one? Try asking these questions… (Picture: SWNS/Getty/Metro.co.uk)

How do you know if the person you’re dating is really right for you?

One woman reckons it comes down to three simple questions.

Courtney Empey, 27, wasn’t sure whether she should get back with an ex. She chatted with a nurse, who gave her some ‘invaluable’ advice: to ask herself three key questions.

These questions were:

  1. Would you be happy if this person was your child?
  2. If this person was dating your child, how would you feel?
  3. If this person was to be the father of your children, how would you feel?

Courtney, a social media manager, from Toronto, Canada, said: ‘I told my nurse that my ex had come back to me, and I didn’t know what to do and she said I had to ask myself these questions.

‘It takes the emotion away from the decision and makes you actually look at whether the person fits your standards.

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‘You then have to be honest with yourself and come back to your feelings and work out if you really love this person and if they support you and make you a better version of yourself.’

After asking herself these questions, Courtney decided to give her relationship another go.

‘I worked out I wanted someone polite and courageous as I would want that for my child,’ she said.

‘I decided that I did then want to give things a go with my ex, but we are taking it slow.’

She found the exercise so helpful that she wants to share it with anyone else struggling to decide if they’re with the right match.

‘Lots of people have then tried this and realised they don’t want to be with that person,’ Courtney added.

‘I think it is important that once you have looked if they meet your standards that you bring your feelings back into it.

‘They could perfectly meet your standards but if you don’t love them then it’s not the right guy for you.

‘People have told me that it’s helped them break up with someone or work out that he is Mr Right.

‘I think this is a great way to properly evaluate if you want to be with that person.’

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